Southview Medical Center Lobby Renovation

Dayton, OH
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Project Details

Client: Kettering Health Network

Completed: 2016

Size: 9,000 SF

In a multi-phased renovation, the hospital's main entry, lobby, and registration areas were overhauled to create an engaging "city center" where patients, family and staff can enjoy a more vibrant and comfortable atmosphere. The "building-within-a-building" concept was inspired by the belief that connection to family and community can benefit us as we strive for wellness.
Within the existing 9,000 SF lobby, we introduced a café and tech center; we relocated the existing gift shop from deeper within the hospital to a more prominent location and gave it a fresh new look. The 30-foot “Creation Wall” art installation that has become a staple in other Kettering Hospitals, now anchors the south wall of the new lobby. Though the lobby has been energized, visitors can opt to enjoy either of the two fireplaces, or relax in one of the media areas.

Fun Fact:

We've worked with Kettering, a faith-based institution, to install The Creation Wall sculpture by artist James H. Devries in all their hospitals. This eight-panel sculpture includes one for each day of Creation, plus one representing the beginning of time.