Franklin + Preble

Emergency Centers

Franklin, OH + Eaton, OH
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Project Details

Client: Kettering Health Network

Completed: 2015

12,000 SF
Preble: 24,000 SF

$10 Million
Preble: $13 Million

To better serve Dayton’s outlying rural communities, Kettering opened two freestanding emergency departments, back-to-back. Each twelve-bed E.D. provides a full range of emergency services.

*Preble Location Only

  • CT
  • Emergency Gynecology
  • Lab
  • Mental Health Rooms
  • MRI (future)*
  • Trauma Bays
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray

Did You Know?

The Preble County Medical Center is the first 24-hour emergency department ever to serve the county.

What People Are Saying:

"Both of my children have had to go in for multiple reason and it was cleaner, nicer, and quicker than any Urgent Care or ER I have ever been to."

Lori Wortylko [Community Member]